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Atac (Romanian) - February 2006

A Romanian girl featuring in the Rammstein group's video

Not having yet reached 14 years old, Catalina Lavric, a model, struck gold by having an appearance in the latest video of the German band

There isn't a secret anymore that the Romanian women are among the most beautiful in the world. Even so, we couldn't not be impressed by the succes Catalina Lavric registred abroad - a model who doesn't even have an ID here everyone gets an Identity Card when they reach 14 years old. At barely 14, the beautiful brunette from Botosani a small town in the Northern-Eastern part of the country managed to impress one of the toughest symbols of international rock music, German band Rammstein. After a casting session, where she had to compete against many girls, Catalina (model of agency Etoiles) has been picked to play in the video for Rosenrot". The shoots for the video took place in Romania, somewhere near Brasov, in November (2005).

Evil, but seducing
Even if she had to bear a cold of -17 Celsius degrees, Catalina was really happy to feature in this video and she confessed that she went along very well with the band members. "Even if they have an image of tough people, they are very nice", told us the brunette. In "Rosenrot", Catalina plays the role of a peasant girl that makes a monk to fall in love with her, none other than the singer Till Lindemann. After she makes sure she has him under her spell, the evil brunette orders him to kill her parents, and ends up betraying him and turning him to the villagers. This video got the most votes for the "Best Video" category, in the annual by MTV Germany Awards.

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