• Rammstein nieuwsbrief

    “Stormy Times…”

    While Rammstein are recording their newest studio album in sunny California, the first snow has fallen today in Berlin. You have sent us a lot of questions since news reached you via the Rammstein website about the recordings for the new album. Many rumours have flooded the internet since then. The production of the album will take some time and a release isn’t planned before autumn 2009. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll hear the first single before summer 2009 and be able to greet Rammstein at the beginning of their tour before the end of the year. This tour, which is to stretch far into the year 2010, will finally give you enough of a chance to see the band live again after the long period of waiting. Above all, there are some surprises in store for our loyal fans and Community members in the 2009/2010 tour year.

    To keep warming your hearts in these stormy times full of expectation, we have some new apparel in the RAMMSTEINshop for you.


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  • Flake keyboard effect

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  • Rammstein demo !!!

    Jawel, eindelijk een demo... Hier zie je Schneider drummen!!!


    Succes Till, Richard, Paul, Oliver, Christian en Schneider!!!

  • Rammstein new album !!!

    Ik las net op http://rammstein.com dat de nieuwe nummers van Rammstein af zijn en enkel nog opgenomen moeten worden!!! Ze nemen hun cd op in L.A. (in Amerika dus).Ze starten op 9 november met het opnemen... het wordt heel spannend nu!!!

    Hier de tekst wat op de officiële Rammstein site staat:


    Now that the band has finished pre-production in Berlin for its new album, Operation "Album 6" is going forward full steam ahead. Christoph Schneider arrived in Los Angeles last week to meet with Jacob Hellner and production team (i.e., currently Ulf Kruckenberg and Florian Ammon) to undertake preparations for recording of all the drum tracks. Also to arrive in L.A. this week for the drum sessions, Paul and Richard. Finally, a studio has been rented near San Francisco for the bulk of the main recording work, and the band will go into retreat there for several weeks starting on November 9th, 2008. Clear the decks, the Rammstein tanker is once again under steam!

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