Tracklist nieuw album Rammstein!

Op de website van Metal Hammer (, wordt de volledige tracklist van Rammstein's nieuwe -nog steeds naamloze- album, bij deze kan je de volledige tracklist hier ook vinden, met uitleg over het nummer in het Engels:

1. Rammlied – A long operatic intro gives way to some epic power-chords and drums in tandem before a typically mammoth industrial riff takes over. This is a track that celebrates all things Rammstein and the chants of the band’s name throughout the song are certain to be a fixture of the band’s upcoming live show. There are also some Eastern-influenced strings that lead in to a pounding beatdown towards the end of the track too.

2. Ich Tu Dir Weh – Electronics, a slamming intro and a drum roll lead the way before a grinding riff in the vein of ‘Mein Teil’ kicks in. There are acoustic guitars that echo ‘Los’ from ‘Reise Reise’, stirring vocals and a hell of a lot of Distorted guitars, slamming drums in tandem throughout.

3. Waidmann’s Heil – Now things are getting interesting. Horns that sound like the cavalry are on their way are followed by pedal-to-the-metal riffing that echoes Ministry and ‘Fire Frei’ from ‘Mutter’. There is an enormous, almost hip-hop flavoured beat prior to ‘Waidmann’s Heil’s chorus and a mid-section that sounds like the heavy part of Metallica’s ‘One’ at twice the pace. Kick ass!

4. Haifisch – You may find this hard to believe but ‘Haifisch’ sounds exactly like Depeche Mode for the majority. Imagine Rammstein doing their own ‘Personal Jesus’ with swinging drums and electronic stabs throughout. One thing’s for certain – burlesque troupes across the globe are going to love this one.

5. B****** – The biggest riff of the album so far, we’re talking about a H-bomb of a riff that rivals ‘Sonne’ in terms of brilliance. It’s a jarring, low-end and sinister crunch that is going to sound immense in rock clubs.

If you’re wondering if the title is short for Bastard or Bollock, it isn’t. it’s actually that Till Lindemann has made up his own word and there’s no way of actually spelling the pronunciation.

6. Fruehling In Paris – The most radical departure for the band on the record. An acoustic track with break-beat drums (that sound like Olive’s ‘You’re Not Alone’) and French vocals in the song’s chorus. While it sounds madder than an asylum full of mental two-headed mutant badgers in prospect, it’s an inspired effort that is up amongst the very best songs of the band’s careers.

7. Weiner Blut – Translated as ‘Vienna Blood’, ‘Weiner Blut’ is the track that is said to be about Joseph Fritzel. We couldn’t tell you in what respects as we only got a C in GCSE German but we can tell you that it is the heaviest track on the record. Lindemann teases during a melancholy intro and you just know it’s going to blow. A sinister whisper of ‘willkommen’ and all hell breaks loose for the remainder of the track.

8. Pussy – Go on, have a guess what this one’s about? It’s Rammstein at their tongue-in-cheek best, opening with the lyric “too big, too small, size does matter after all” and featuring the chorus “you’ve got a pussy, I’ve got a dick, what’s the problem? Let’s do it quick”, Rammstein echo ‘Amerika’ in sound and laugh their asses in the process.

9. Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da – In a haze of up-tempo riffs and fierce blasts of snare drums, ‘Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da’ rattles along like a freight train. It’s as punk rock as Rammstein get in that it’s basic in structure and just kicks your teeth to the back of your throat for its duration.

10. Mehr – An electronic intro that sounds like Tears For Fears ‘Shout’ and a tender backing is complimented by a typically sinister Lindemann spoken vocal. There’s an unexpected twist of pace that leads to a typically grinding Rammstein riff but just as it starts to feel a little familiar, there’s a great middle build-up that is about as poppy as a band as nasty as Rammstein get.

11. Roter Sand – Rammstein end their as-yet untitled opus with a track that just features Till Lindemann’s vocals and an acoustic guitar throughout. The lead hook to the song is Lindemann whistling and it’s a stirring, building epic ending to what might be Rammstein’s most varied record to date.



  • some newsongs seems to be intersting,:-) but about the song pussy, iam disspointet about the nieveau of this song..

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