Nog wat live foto's, iets of wat 'oudere' foto's, backstage foto's,...

Met dank aan CL!

Een andere bron: http://vampirefreaks.com/journal/combichrist

lifad live2

lifad live3

lifad live4

lifad live5

lifad live6

lifad live7

lifad live8

lifad live9

lifad live10

lifad live11

lifad live12

lifad live13

lifad live14

lifad live15

lifad live16

lifad live17
lifad live20

lifad live21

on the street












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hey cool pictues thank you!!!!!!!!! and by the way, who is the man between khia li an till?

Gepost door: pauli | 15-01-10

Response to pauli Hi

I'm sorry but I have no idea who is sitting next to Till, I'll try to find out...

Cathérine K.

Gepost door: Cathérine K. | 15-01-10

Hello! Khira stated that the man is "the husband of her mother´s aunt".

Gepost door: Pikey | 16-01-10

thanks, for the answere...where stated khira this?

Gepost door: pauli | 16-01-10

In her facebook-account, there someone asked her the same question and she answered...well, what I wrote a moment ago. :-)

Gepost door: Pikey | 16-01-10

and another info is: this picture was taken during Easter last year. It´s a pity there aren´t more pics of that event with Till! :-) Maybe with his grandson! :-)

Gepost door: Pikey | 16-01-10

ok thanks, but be attention because a lot of silly girls said they are khira and stole her fotos.. and faked her profile. and myspace for example there are a lot of girls who faked her. and facebook too, maybe it is the real khira who anweres, we dont know..

Gepost door: pauli | 16-01-10

Yeah, you are right. But anyway, the most important person is Till, istn´t he? :-)

Gepost door: Pikey | 16-01-10


Gepost door: pauli | 17-01-10

heey !
ik had een vraagje, mischien dat jij daar antwoord op hebt, maar is khira de dochter van till of richard?
want dan is het till, en dan is het weer richard word er een beetje gek van :p

Gepost door: kim | 20-01-10

Khira Hallo

Khira is de dochter van Richard, maar het is inderdaad verwarrend. Hoe het komt dat ze dan Till zijn (achter)naam draagt? Wel, Khira's mama is de ex-vrouw van Till, ze trouwde dan met Richard. Zij droeg nog de naam Lindemann...

Cathérine K.

Gepost door: Cathérine K | 20-01-10

ist very cracy that kiras mom, has the name of til. but you can see that kira is the daughter of richard not of til. nele looks more like til..

Gepost door: pauli | 16-02-10

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